Psychotherapy is a form of support to help you to explore old fixed patterns which hinder you from living freely and creative.

Many times because of events in our family of origin or because of events happening in school we have developed a kind of creative adjustment to handle such events or situations. Although these creative adjustments were very useful and functional in the past, later they can become fixed patterns that hinder us in our present contacts and relationships.

In our approach we use the Gestalt philosophy to support you in becoming more aware of your fixed patterns. The more you become aware of how these patterns are hindering you in your present life, the more you will be able to take a distance from them and become more free and creative again.

Although awareness is a very important first step in the process, we need to assimilate or integrate this new awareness in our daily life. This asks for time and sometimes we also need to work on what we call ’the field conditions’; e.g. to stop an addiction like smoking or drinking goes easier when you are not surrounded by other smokers or drinkers. Or dealing with your own perfectionism goes easier if you do not work or live in a very demanding environment.

We provide psychotherapy only online.