Intensive workshop

To be or not to be … 

About exploring and living your gender identity and sexual orientation.


A four days international intensive on you as being a man or a woman or a non specified person (non-binary)


In May 2021 we did this intensive workshop in Gomarduli, Georgia and in July 2022  in Yerevan, Armenia.

We worked on the beauty and difficulties of a person’s gender identity and the beauties and difficulties of relating.

During the intensive we worked with different kind of approaches like group work, creative methods, personal process, sharing experiences etc. to support the participants in becoming more aware of their identity, orientation, attitude and possible restrictions or taboos towards their own sexuality.

This awareness leads to more flexibility and freedom.

The intensive was open for everyone who wanted to explore his or her gender identity and sexual orientation. Safety, boundaries and confidentiality are strictly guaranteed.

In Georgia the workshop was led by Frans Meulmeester and Mziko Dalakishvili.

In Yerevan the workshop was led by Frans Meulmeester and Marina Serobyan.

We are planning to do this workshop also in Bulgaria and in Nepal.

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