Coaching is a form of support to help you to reflect on your own personal performance within the context of your organizational position and function.

In our approach we use the Gestalt philosophy, which means that we are mainly focusing on supporting you to become more aware of the present situation and to discover how you might be blocking or hindering yourself from being more effective.

In most situations new awareness leads to more freedom and better functioning as a person and as a professional. As long as we are stuck in old patterns, we are just repeating ourself day by day without developing. Awareness on these patterns can help us to let them go and become more free and creative again.

However during the coaching it can become clear that the issue you are struggling with is not just your issue but belongs to the whole team or even the whole organization. In such case we will explore together the need and possibilities to bring the issue back to the team or organization.

Coaching can be done individually but can also be done with a whole team.